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1958 190sl Mercedes restoration

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11/27/2021 I decided to pull out the heating system, left and right sides.  The picture below is the drivers side.

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This is after pulling out the heat exchanger.  The heads of three of the four screws broke off.  They are steel screws screwed into brass inserts.  It took a couple hours to drill out the screws without damaging the brass.  The main part is made of a paper material.  Someone had already done a terrible job, like the rest of the car, trying to fix it.  So I cleaned it up and am now repairing it.  You can buy a plastic reproduction for about $750.
The drivers side has a fan, shown below.  And extra heat exchanger came with the car so I cleaned it up too. The one from the car showed signs of repairing so I may use the extra one.  I pulled off the fan blade off the motor and cleaned it, not that anyone will see it.  The tops of the heat exchangers are brass and are very visible under the hood.  Many people polish the brass and clear coat it.  I'm pretty sure it came painted black like everything else.
Below is the passenger side all cleaned up and ready for painting. 
1/23/2022 I've been cleaning all the parts getting them ready to paint or powdercoat.
Yes there are six brake drums, four are for the front.  Rear drums are all steel while the front are aluminum with steel inserts for better cooling.  New drums are 230mm +- 0.2mm (9.055" +- 0.008").  The maximum allowable is 232mm or 9.134inches.  The front drums measured 9.090, 9.078, 9.034 and 9.062.  The rear drums measured 9.100 and 9.108.  So the front brakes have 0.044", 0.056", 0.100" and 0.072" to go.  The 0.034" and 0.026" to go.  Rear all steel brakes are easier to find and are cheaper.
I have an extra pair of front springs
The aluminum mud shields behind the front tires under the fender.
I'm still working on the drivers heater box.  I took apart the two controls, shown circled.  They were sticky before, work great now.
2/26/2022 I've been cleaning, priming and painting all the little black things in the car.