Free technical support for the TAS, (ANSYS TAS), TASPCB (ANSYS Iceboard) and PTD (ANSYS Icechip) products.  Click here for more details.

Thermal Simulation Software Development

Our signature product:

• Contact us if you have a need for specialized thermal simulation software.  We have the automeshers, element creation technology and fast solvers. 
If you need a specialized function in our Solaria product, we can do that too.
• Developed custom thermal software for Samsung, Northrop Grumman, Transim and others

Thermal Consulting Services

Let us help you solve your thermal design problems.  We bring years of experience to your design.

Electronics Cooling

• Printed circuit board design and cooling
      - Optimize component placement, PCB copper content, via placement
• Voltage drop simulation
      - Model power distribution planes and predict the voltage drop. Take it to the next step
         and accurately predict the power dissipation and include it in a thermal simulation.
• Electronic component design
      - flip chip, stacked die, POP, BGA
• Power amplifier chip design, modeling at the micron level
• ATR box design optimization
• Military/aerospace environments
• Medical equipment
• Liquid/air cooled cold plate design
      - Compact heat exchanger design, fin optimization
• Heat pipes, thermoelectric coolers, solar loading, phase change materials, natural and forced convection, radiation


• 30 years thermal analysis experience
• Founder and president of Harvard Thermal (sold to ANSYS in 2005)
Founder and president of Harley Thermal.
• Developer of the TAS (ANSYS TAS), TASPCB (ANSYS Iceboard), PTD (ANSYS Icechip) and now the Solaria products.
• Satisfaction is guaranteed.  Let us provide you with a quotation.
Thermal Simulation Software Development
Thermal Consulting Services

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