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Solaria was designed by thermal analysts, for thermal analysts.
Take over Harley Thermal LLC

Here is your opportunity to take over an existing business with a successful and stable software suite. I am looking to migrate the business to new ownership. I have been in the thermal simulation field since 1981. I've been writing thermal simulation software for over 25 years. My company started as Harvard Thermal Inc. We developed and sold TAS, TASPCB and TASPTD. Our annual income was over a million a year when I sold the company to ANSYS in 2005. After working for ANSYS for 3.5 years, they laid me off and discontinued to the software. I received funding from Harvard Thermal customers to rewrite the software and restart the business. Harley Thermal LLC was started in 2010 to sell Solaria then later, SolariaPCB. Since then there has been essentially no effort or money put into sales and marketing. I continue to enhance the software and support existing customers as the sole owner.

With sales and marketing investment, the business could easily be grown back into a million dollar company. Ideally, the new company should have a software developer experienced in PowerBasic and C/C++ and a sales and marketing individual with a strong heat transfer background, mainly in the electronics industry. I would be interested in working with you over several years to help you grow the business and work with your developer(s) to understand the software code.

If you are interested, email me with your background and goals. If there appears to be a fit, we can have a series of video conferences to discuss details to make the transition successful and financially equitable for both.

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