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Solaria was designed by thermal analysts, for thermal analysts.
Solaria audio/videos
SolariaPCB audio/videos
ODB++ Interface 9 minutes
Voltage and power dissipation simulation 15 minutes
See how electrical vias connect traces on different layer when calculating voltages 9.5 minutes
Introduction to SolariaPCB  11 minutes
Populating a Chassis model with PCBs then solving chassis and 5 boards 8 minutes
Using the AutoMesher
Using the Material Library
Using Variables
Using Groups
Post processing
3D Automeshing using NETGEN
Introduction to Solaria
Rotating the view of the model
Play and record transient animations
Defining units
Build a Radome model 36 minute tutorial showing building a radome model from scratch to solving

Building a Radome model Part 1  8 minute tutorial showing how to build the model using primitives

Building a Radome model Part 2  8.3 minute titorial showing how to build the model by creating and revolving nodes

Building a Radome model Part 3  10.5 minute tutorial showing how to project Plates into Bricks to represent insulation then adding convection to the outside

Building a Radome model Part 4  8.5 minute tutorial showing how to add vector based surface heat loads representing a solar load then solving.  The sun is then moved and the model resolved.

Using the unique FlyBoy feature  6 minute tutorial showing how you can fly through your model, breaking through walls and looking at temperatures and your boundary condions inside the model
Calculating effective properties of the PCB 9 minutes
Visualizing heat flux from a surface
Plotting Temperature versus Location
Plot power to a Node
Plot transient temperature while solving
Animation of a moving sun on a radome
Using the Adjacent feature
SolariaPCB new diagonal option when adding Stiffeners 4 minutes
Selecting complex surfaces is even easier
Plotting Temperature versus Location
Automatically move parts of your model into place.
Building a board from scratch in SolariaPCB 30 minutes
MMIC Front End
     Introduction 21 minutes
Using the Mesh Geometry feature

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