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Solaria was designed by thermal analysts, for thermal analysts.
Complete, no other tools required
Complete model generation, solving and post processing in one environment
Built-in steady state and transient solvers
Model size only limited by available memory
Solaria Thermal is the only tool that youíll ever need for your thermal simulation. Solaria was designed by thermal analysts, so we understand what you need. Models are built with the ability to easily change parameters and other variables to give you a deep understanding of the model and the results. Solaria gives you the ability to be more productive and efficient in your thermal design tasks. Solaria is versatile. It has the ability to handle nearly any thermal simulation. You can also easily change materials, boundary conditions, and geometry. With a fast solving capability, you can try different solutions within seconds to optimize your design.

Problems are simulated geometrically using a 2D plate, 3D brick and Tetrahedron elements. Any skewed elements can be accurately represented with Solaria. Solaria uses a finite element method to convert geometry into accurate resistor-capacitor representation. This combination gives accurate results like other Finite Element (FEA) tools such as NASTRAN and ANSYS but solves them in a fraction of the time. The best part of Solaria is that it allows for unsurpassed flexibility in model generation that isnít possible with FEA solutions.

Printed circuit board modeling and simulation no longer has to be tedious and time consuming. With SolariaPCB, an optional add-on to Solaria, every trace, fill, via and layer of the board is accurately simulated in the 3D Solaria model generated. Take a look around our site to see samples of our Solaria models and make use of our handy tutorials. Solaria was designed by thermal analysts for thermal analysts to make your job easier.
Solaria Thermal is the complete tool for your thermal simulation needs
SolariaPCB now imports your ECAD database through ODB++.  Importing every trace, via, layer and component seamlessly. 

SolariaPCB calculates the heating in traces due to current flow.  Voltage drop through the traces, vias, power and ground planes are accurately calculated.  Next the heat dissipated by the voltage drop is calculated and becomes part of the thermal model.
Accurate voltage drop is calculated.
But SolariaPCB doesn't stop there.  The heat dissipation is then calculated and becomes just part of the thermal model.
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Watch an introductory audio/video of the new MMIC Front End

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The MMIC Front End for Solaria is used to build accurate thermal models of RF power amplifiers.  The models generated have geometry from the sub-micron level to package dimensions yet still solve quickly in Solaria, both steady state and transient.
Have you ever thought of running your own business? Well here is your opportunity!
Now, the demonstration version of Solaria, that you can download free of charge, has the complete capabilities of Solaria for models as large as 1000 nodes. You can build, solve steady state or transient and save models. Models can have temperature and time dependent properties and boundary conditions, thermostats and moving materials.
Request your free copy today.
Heat Transfer Basics: A Concise Approach to Problem Solving by Jamil Ghojel
Do you have a need for custom thermal simulation software? We can handle it.