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Solaria was designed by thermal analysts, for thermal analysts.
The AutoMesher

The AutoMesher in Solaria is a Delaunay based triangular element mesher.  Geometry input to the automesher can come from an imported DXF file or geometry can be created in the user interface.
Two button clicks and you have a good quality mesh.  The first click prepares the imported segments and connects them to create regions.  The second creates the mesh.
If you want to refine the mesh, just hit the Undo button to get rid of the mesh.  You can then select a region and redefine how big you want the elements to be.  In the picture to the right the green area was refined.  It took less than a second to create this mesh.
The next two pictures show two levels of mesh refinement.
In this example the geometry was created using Plate and Segment elements.
The mesh below was created using all default settings.
In this example a DXF file was imported.
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