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Heat Transfer Basics: A Concise Approach to Problem Solving by Jamil Ghojel

Heat Transfer Basics covers the essential topics of heat transfer in a focused manner, starting with an introduction to heat transfer that explains its relationship to thermodynamics and fluid mechanics and continuing on to key topics such as free convection, boiling and condensation, radiation, heat exchangers, and more, for an accessible and reader-friendly yet comprehensive treatment of the subject.
Each chapter features multiple worked out example problems, including derivations of key governing equations and comparisons of worked solutions with computer modeled results, which helps students become familiar with the types of problems they will encounter in the field. Throughout the book, figures and diagrams liberally illustrate the concepts discussed, and practice problems allow students to test their understanding of the content. The text is accompanied by an online instructor’s manual.
Jamil uses Solaria throughout the book to graphically illustrate the equations presented. Thermal computer simulation allows you to go beyond the equations where you have irregular geometry, temperature or directional dependent thermal properties and non-uniform boundary conditions.
Click on the book to go to the Wiley website.